Adult Advisers

As the adult advisers of our ward's extraordinary young men we take our role very seriously. We sincerely hope you feel comfortable contacting us about anything. It is important to understand that the "leaders" of the youth are NOT the adults, but the quorum presidencies. The adults are their "advisers." We are doing our best to teach and guide them, and to help them develop leadership skills, strong testimonies of the Savior and His Kingdom, and to become principled and compassionate husbands and fathers.

Young Men's President: Jonathan Lawrence
First Counselor: Jordan Christiansen
Second Counselor: Brian Coltharp
Secretary: Eric Olson

Venture Scout Leader: Ethan Zabriskie
Varsity Scout Coach: Allen Engebretsen
Scoutmaster: Aric Haskell
Assistant Scout Masters: Steven Deshazer & Jordan Sperry

Priests Quorum Advisers: Jonathan Lawrence, Ethan Zabriskie
Teachers Quorum Advisers: Jordan Christiansen, Allen Engebretsen, Eugene DeMartini
Deacons Quorum Advisers: Brian Coltharp, Aric Haskell, Steven Deshazer, Jordan Sperry